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Rahel Hutter

Die aus der Schweiz stammende Konzert- und Jazzpianistin, die auch selbst komponiert, ist in Naumburg aufgewachsen. Sie studierte in Weimar und Tallinn Klavier, ergänzt durch einen Masterstudiengang “Music and Art Performance” in Luzern. Weitere internationale künstlerische Erfahrungen sammelte sie in Dänemark und Kanada. Mit Schauspielern arbeitet sie am Deutschen Nationaltheater Weimar; außerdem tritt sie mit […]

Keren Dun

KerenDun is a multi instrumentalist (percussion & saxophone) singer/songwriter, a third of Buttering Trio as well as a Producer. Born in 86′, Keren started her musical way as a percussionist and vocalist, studying Jazz at the Thelma Yelin School of Arts. Keren made her way thru various ensembles ranging from salsa to prog rock and […]


Catnapp is an electronic Live Act from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Berlin that combines breakbeat, drum and bass, alternative electronic, pop, rapping and other genres, resulting in an intense and nostalgic atmosphere with Fat percussion and lots of treble. Songs run through the simplest girly lyrics with a 4/4 beat to the deepest and […]

Nastja Volokitina

„Nastja combines musical influences from Eastern Europe with contemporary jazz. She enchants us with her beautiful voice, her energy and creativity. She is still an insider tip, but that will not remain for long. Make sure you go and listen!“  Michael Schiefel

Kiki Hitomi

Kiki Hitomi is the singer/songwriter from bass explorers King Midas Sound (Ninja Tune), Black Chow and was a founding member of the Japanese Dubstep noise duo Dokkebi Q. Her highly acclaimed solo debut album “Karma No Kusari” appeared on Jahtari in 2016 and is roaming the galxies ever since. Apart from her own solo project […]