Mandy Mozart, also know as Tilman Porschütz, is an experimental musician who effortlessly switches between different music genres such as electronic, classical, and contemporary music. As a composer, they have created pieces for a variety of media including experimental film, radio, spatial sound installations, pop, and concerts. Their particular strength lies in fusing acoustic and digital soundscapes for orchestra, choir, voices, and machines, always finding new ways to connect these elements.

Mandy Mozart founder of orchestral incubator Vienna Struggle with which they premiered the piece “Affirmations” a composition and performance piece by Bernhard Hammer and Mandy Mozart.

Their compositions on the album “Love For Women” based on Robert Schumann’s Opus 42 song collection for piano and voice deserve special mention, where they skillfully intertwine digital manipulations of the piano and radical reinterpretations of the Schumann melodies and texts by Adelbert von Chamisso with techno, contemporary pop, and new classical music. The album features some of the most interesting singers and pianists living in Europe, such as Kiki Hitomi, Rahel Hutter, Catnapp (Ampora Battaglia), Keren Dun, and David Schwarz.

Their album “Snaw Crosh” is also noteworthy, combining motifs of orchestral music by Gustav Mahler with Berghain-style techno and forming a unique soundtrack for the metaverse described in Neal Stephenson’s novel “Snow Crash” in 1993.

Throughout their career, Porschütz has established themselves as an innovative and influential composer and performer, with numerous collaborations and performances with some of the most renowned institutions and festivals worldwide. Their compositions showcase their ability to merge various musical genres and styles while creating an unmistakable and original sound.


“romantischen Ausschweifungen”, Jetztmusik Festival, Mannheim

“the mutual interest of TILMAN PORSCHUETZ’s works lies in the creation of social order, the interaction between the actors of society, and the exchange and dependencies between the sexes.”, Platoon Seoul

“Das »technische Wunderkind«”, ZKM

“Zu der Musik von SYN3A kann man prima tanzen und zu den Tunes von Mandy + Judith ebenso.”, Anne-Marie Darok, Mica Austria

Past Gigs/Performances/Exhibits

Salon Zur Wilden Renate Berlin
Fusion Festival
ZKM Karlsruhe
Platoon Seoul
Platoon Berlin
MOCA Hiroshima
Neues Museum Weimar
Photoartfair Shanghai
Mogangshan-Ru Shanghai
Armory Hall New York
White Noise Stuttgart
Contain’t Stuttgart
Jincheon International Film Festival
National Museum Praha
Jetzt Musikfestival Mannheim
TedX Seoul
WWW Tokyo
Muffatwerk Munich
Oto Istanbul
Tante Emma Innsbruck
PMK Innsbruck
Fluc Vienna
Pride Vienna
Griessmuehle Berlin
Ohm @ Tresor Berlin
Staatliche Kunstsammlung Chemnitz