• La Mur

    La Mur

    7 polyphonic compositions for moulting02.12.2022 -13.02.23ExhibitionLeechquartier, Afro-asiatisches Institut, Graz AT An immersive exhibition, a multi-layered, multi-language offering in the form of a polyphonic spatial-sound composition, an audio-visual collage made from an equally immersive process of questioning and re-framing the ways we are in relation with ourselves; with our ancestors, with the land and with the […]

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  • More Sugar Honey

    More Sugar Honey

    We talk about the colonial history of sugar. Daily Rhythms Collective is discovering ancestral trails that connect our own heritage to the sugar trade.  Weaving our stories into a ritualistic and performative format made available through video. Screenings Dice Festival, 2022, Berlin<rotor> centre for contemporary arts, 2022, Graz With kind supported by:<rotor> centre for contemporary […]

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