• La Mur

    La Mur

    7 polyphonic compositions for moulting02.12.2022 -13.02.23ExhibitionLeechquartier, Afro-asiatisches Institut, Graz AT An immersive exhibition, a multi-layered, multi-language offering in the form of a polyphonic spatial-sound composition, an audio-visual collage made from an equally immersive process of questioning and re-framing the ways we are in relation with ourselves; with our ancestors, with the land and with the […]

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  • Affirmations


    “Affirmations” ist eine audiovisuelle Performance des Vienna Struggle Drone Choir, Bernhard Hammer und Mandy Mozart. Basierend auf dem Song “Roar Little Kitty” (Hammer/Mozart 2019, Bahía de Cochinos, Kuba) entwickelte der “Vienna Struggle Drone Chor”, bestehend aus Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Christine Gnigler und Alexandra Feusi, drei Kompositionen. Diese arbeiten mit partizipativen Spielanleitungen, in denen polyphone und homophone Drones […]

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  • Snaw Crosh

    Snaw Crosh

    Snaw Crosh by Otto Oscar Hernandez, Mandy Mozart “Music, Movies, Software – High Speed Pizza Delivery” A soundtrack to a novel. Mandy Mozart and Otto Oscar Hernandez find their way in the Metaverse and pre-define their soundtrack for a science fiction that has come to share many parallels to today’s lockdowns. ‘SNAWCRO$H’ is the sound […]

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  • Love For Women

    Love For Women

    Op. 42 – Love for Women by Mandy Mozart Love for Women is both an ensemble exploration and an intimate song cycle, fuelled by a frustration with the conventions of modern music culture. It’s a response to both club and classical music, born behind a piano, built in clubs, and completed by many hands. The […]

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  • Syn3a


    Electronic live band with Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz from 2019 – 2021.SYN3A is now based between Berlin and Vienna and is an evolution from the experimental electronic band Cindy Sizer (2006-2016). Logo Design: Anna Niedhart EXODUS by SYN3A

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  • autotom.ia


    autotom.ia is a formation coined in a deconsecrated convent during extreme heat phases of a Portuguese summer. The four artists: Lukas Rehm (Lybes Dimem), Tilman Porschütz (Mandy Mozart) and Afonso Ferreira & Pedro Menezes (Lynnia), converged in a series of extensive sessions, informed by a mutual search for affective intensity. Electronic Drums, Bass Synths, Visual […]

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  • Cindy Sizer

    Cindy Sizer

    Electronic live band existing from 2006 to 2018 founded with Philipp Camille Schöpfer. Later band members included Thomas Prestin (clarinette, synth), Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz (vocals), Janik Hotz (synth) and Andrew Ugoljew (trombone). Matter On Mars by Fijuka, Metaboman, LargeM, Kenji451, Hazerus, Cindy Sizer Forever by Cindy Sizer

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  • Mandy + Judith

    Mandy + Judith

    Electronic live act from 2015 – 2017 with Judith Filimonova. Caught In A Cave by MANDY + JUDITH Pitman by MANDY + JUDITH

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  • Piano Bass Drum

    Piano Bass Drum

    7 events concert series in 2015 at Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin Links: http://www.platoon.org/report/piano-bass-drum Text by Platoon Cultural Development When Mandy Mozart and Thomas Prestin, members of open-source label and music collective Shalom Salon, discovered a working conditio Berliner Fabrikat Piano from 1870 in a GDR sports complex, their first thoughts lingered somewhere between, “this is too […]

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  • Minister President

    Minister President

    Scandal: Minister President, The World’s First Acid House Boy Band Is Breaking Up!—Scandinavian Super Models Across The Nations Commit Social Suicide #deathofanartform #worldsatunrest #theapocalypse #clublandischanging Minister President have officially announced that, despite the enormous success, they cannot take the fame and fade into the void as of February 13th. Ironically the same date as “Take […]

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