• Snaw Crosh

    Snaw Crosh

    Snaw Crosh by Otto Oscar Hernandez, Mandy Mozart “Music, Movies, Software – High Speed Pizza Delivery” A soundtrack to a novel. Mandy Mozart and Otto Oscar Hernandez find their way in the Metaverse and pre-define their soundtrack for a science fiction that has come to share many parallels to today’s lockdowns. ‘SNAWCRO$H’ is the sound […]

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  • Love For Women

    Love For Women

    Op. 42 – Love for Women by Mandy Mozart Love for Women is both an ensemble exploration and an intimate song cycle, fuelled by a frustration with the conventions of modern music culture. It’s a response to both club and classical music, born behind a piano, built in clubs, and completed by many hands. The […]

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  • Loucy Louder

    Loucy Louder

    Download Album: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Lucy_Louder/FOZ_MUZIK On the furthest European outpost, the Bosporus, a city lies of ancientdimensions. A choir of muezzins is chanting into the haze between Asiaand Europe. Bahadir Hamdemir, Stefan Kraus, Thomas Prestin, and TilmanPorschuetz traveled to Istanbul and met the Turkish drum virtuoso CemTan. A spirit who immediately possessed the group of visitors. Hebrought […]

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