Waq Waq Kingdom feat. Catu Diosis – Buri Buri

Filmed at Elevate Festival Graz 2023
DOP: Mandy Mozart
Concept: Kiki Hitomi, Mandy Mozart
Makeup: Kiki Hitomi, Catu Diosis
CG: Jodyyy Surfs

‘ BuriBuri ft.Catu Diosis ‘ release on 23rd August 2023 taken from : WaqWaq Kingdom – Hot Pot Totto (album out on 22nd September 2023 from Phantom Limb)

Buri Buri is featuring Catu Diosis on Nyege Nyege Tapes from Uganda!

(Lyric) Snap it out  Snap it out it’s not a big deal  ok now you chill chill Snap it out  Snap it out it’s not a big deal  Step out the game game  (Verse 1) 災い転じると   福となーる (Turn the potential disaster to one’s advantage) 笑う門には 福来たる (Good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile) 悪口 愚痴は  トイレに流してね(swearing and complaining should be flushed down the toilet) すっきりさっぱり 上がる ガール Gyal ( then you will feel like refresh and good mood girl) (Verse 2) プンプン虫に  ガミガミ むしむし ( you are angry and gagging bug) いつまで おこりん坊 (till when are you going to be angry girl?) そやから さみしんぼ ぼ ぼ (that’s is why you are the lonely child) やっぱり がっがり カラクリ ( Still a disappointing trick) びっくり どっきり しゃっくり (surprise surprise Hiccups) 早めに 切り替えテンション (Switch tensions early) ぶっこめ じゅんぱく Passion  ( Inject pure white passion)