7 polyphonic compositions for moulting

An immersive exhibition, a multi-layered, multi-language offering in the form of a polyphonic spatial-sound composition, an audio-visual collage made from an equally immersive process of questioning and re-framing the ways we are in relation with ourselves; with our ancestors, with the land and with the waters. In this case, the Northern Limestone Alps, the Mürz and the Mur rivers. It is an offering, a ritual, a shedding process of getting rid of the dead skins in our bodies and our thoughts, it is an intuitive need for moulting.

It is the courage of doing it together with all our vulnerable facets inhabiting the cracks for a while and to embark into the not-knowing. Getting rid of the myth and systematic imposition of separation, of extractivist and exploitative relations we grew up with. Can we make kin otherwise? Can we, (up)rooted people grow roots and ground ourselves elsewhere? Can we synchronise, for a moment, how our inner and outer waters flow? Can we fall in love with the Mur, unconditional love for its flowing and its grounding? 

Collaborators: Abiona Esther Ojo, Daniela Brasil, Hyo Jin Shin, Mandy Mozart, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Peninah Lesorogol, Se-Rok Park & the kids Gloria, Mariana, Melvin & Yuri

A co-production of Daily Rhythms Collective and the Afro-Asian Institute, Graz with the support of Stadt Graz, Land Steiermark

awham Magazine at ACUDMACHTNEU, Berlin GER → Tickets

2022-2-12-2022 — 2023-2-13
Leechquartier, Afro-asiatisches Institut, Graz AUT → Read more