Loucy Louder

Download Album: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Lucy_Louder/FOZ_MUZIK

On the furthest European outpost, the Bosporus, a city lies of ancient
dimensions. A choir of muezzins is chanting into the haze between Asia
and Europe. Bahadir Hamdemir, Stefan Kraus, Thomas Prestin, and Tilman
Porschuetz traveled to Istanbul and met the Turkish drum virtuoso Cem
Tan. A spirit who immediately possessed the group of visitors. He
brought with him the wisdom of shaman, supersonic speed, and a wonderful
distrust in rationality.
FOC MUZIK, a game on words. Fucking, fog, and Babylon – every one in
this project lost them self. FOC MUZIK is a language itself, an organ, a
mediator, an anchor, or someone to talk to. It’s the first album
published on SHALOM SALON released in MP4, wherefore music and video are
in perfect digital fusion.

FOC MUZIK is an audio-video collaboration.
Audio is by Lucy Louder. Lucy Louder are Cem Tan (drums), Thomas Prestin (saxophone, bass clarinet) and Tilman Porschuetz (guitar, electronics). Featuring Martin Koecher (tuba)
Video is by MXZEHN 25 Masterpieces per Second. MXZEHN is Stefan Kraus (digital video circuit) and Bahadir Hamdemir (analog video circuit)
To view the audio and video together, go here.

Audio recorded by Tim Helbig and Anatol Kempker in Weirmar, Germany. Supported by Bauhaus Lab Culture Jam & MXWendler Media Server