Snaw Crosh

“Music, Movies, Software – High Speed Pizza Delivery”

A soundtrack to a novel.

Mandy Mozart and Otto Oscar Hernandez find their way in the Metaverse and pre-define their soundtrack for a science fiction that has come to share many parallels to today’s lockdowns. ‘SNAWCRO$H’ is the sound for a film that has not yet been made. A disturbing, yet calming neo-romantic journey with elements taken from the music of Gustav Mahler and cyberpunk novel ‘Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, a VR science-fiction from the early 90’s.

A digital drug/virus designed by the Pizza Mafia is threatening to bring Babylonian confusion to the Metaverse and all programmers alive.

Released on Vienna Struggle February 5, 2021

Composition & Direction: Mandy Mozart & Otto Oscar Hernandez
Production: Mandy Mozart
Musicians: Hyo-Jin Shin, Lena Monsterfrau Wicke-Aengenhyster, Bernhard Hammer, Benedikt Brachtel
Additional Mixing: Christopher Egger (engineer, mixing)
Engineering: Sören Förtsch (engineer)
Onsight Management: Weiny Fitue, Marco Trotta

Cover Artwork: Una Ryu, Lena Thomaka, Ansgar Schwarz