Preaching To The Choir

Preaching To The Choir is both a music and performance project of a NPC like character, ‘pope’.

The project is a WIP research project with multi medial outlets in form of exhibits, installations, performances, mangas and interactive pieces.

MotionLab, Berlin

Humboldthain Sommerbad, Berlin

Schmiede, Hallein

  1. No He Said Mandy Mozart 6:24
  2. Cloud Mandy Mozart 5:54
  3. Roar Little Kitty Mandy Mozart 6:20
  4. Like A Baby Mandy Mozart 8:32
  5. Fancy Shiny Dragon Mandy Mozart 4:13

Prequel – Awakening

Is a photo mange story produced in collaboration with Thomas Dalby which will be accompanying the album. The piece is an individual artwork and will be sold along side the album. It’s visual story telling is playground and foundation of the album’s and live events visual identity. Download PDF for Preview


The following video material is gathered and experimented with for potential music video and video installation work. Video plays a crucial part on stage and on the internet to allow people to immerse fully into the album.

A Single Video will be recorded on December 18th – 20th 2023 for the Song Roar Little Kitty with the help of Tatjana Stuermer, Lukas Rehm, Una Ryu, Patrizia Ruthensteiner and Bernhard Hammer.

Roar Little Kitty

Transformation process of pope to cat.

(no preview available, yet)

Sommer 2023 Promo

Clips from the Demo Tour.

I Want To Be A Cloud

Test footage for potential video clip.


Bells (performance installation)

This is a demo of the prototype of patial sound installation and performance device “bells” was created as a direct reaction to the omni-presence of church bells in day to day life in rural Austria. It’s simplicity for animation of light design, spatialisation of audio, feedback cycle make it the perfect sound system for the performance.

Iterations of “bell” will include fog-machine, a POV camera, a tracker for VR and a podest for the performer(s).

It is intended for drone choir and solo performer.


The album is realying on these people that accompany my artistic career and without them creating a world like this would be impossible. I thank them with all my heart and wish them health and a long life. For we shall get funded and continue our quest.

Lukas Rehm, Lola Rossi, Thomas B. Dalby, Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Alexandra Feusi, Christine Gnigler, Ludwig Giersch, Awu Li, Nico Daleman


August/November 2023
Continuation of Demo Tour through Croatia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Denmark.

April 2024
Artist in Residence 108 at Westbahnstudios

June 2024
Artist in Residence 108 at Westbahnstudios